Over the years I’ve developed and refined a unique approach to ministry.  After coming to faith in my high school years I’ve been on a perpetual journey towards finding church.  Like a great many other people I have been disappointed with my experiences in church.  For many years I blogged, analyzed and critiqued the status quo.  As I became more involved in something I felt was tangibly helpful I just didn’t have the energy to keep up the critique.  As my approach has been refined over the years I found myself in a place that very different from my academic training and my personal experience in conventional evangelical churches.

I have been compelled in part by the lack of fruit in the western church today.  My own journey with church has been a difficult one.  I was once a “church leaver,” someone who had given up on “organized church.”  Although I’m not in the same place was then I felt my journey through the desert was profoundly helpful and I’m convinced God has led a number of people in to the wilderness.  My hope is what I write might enable some of these wilderness walkers to reimagine what a healthy church experience could look like.

I offer a unique perspective.  I’ve never been in vocational ministry.  I did have a couple of unpaid internships but the bulk of my ministry leadership experience is in a house church context.  My primary text has always been the New Testament but I’ve never been a fundamentalist.  I continue to examine my ministry in light of the scriptures and the light that comes from knowing the heart of God.  I wish to continue this process of learning, refinement and improvement.

This work is a cross section of biblical theology, market research, systematic theology, church methodology, and personal reflections as well as some counseling theory.  I am not an expert in any one field.  My goal is to share where I am at in my particular context.  I believe it will be helpful for many people but every good principle needs to be fashioned to apply in a given time and place.  The church has wasted a lot of time copying programs and models from very large successful church organizations.

I have intentionally organized the content into article length sections and leaving each of them open to comments.  As I receive feedback, I will continually rewrite and improve each section.  Feel free to post your thoughts, encouragements and constructive criticisms.

Many thanks to my friend Jeremiah Olson, who provided lots of great feedback, suggestions, and helped edit my writing.